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Hi, I'm Rebecca

Photo of doula Rebecca looking lovingly to newborn baby

Mother of two wonderful little people, wife, daughter, sister, friend... but when I'm your doula it's ALL about you! I'm Leicestershire born and bred and after working within the local and national charity sector for ten years; nothing comes close to the experience of becoming a mother. It totally changed my world. The way I birthed and have parented has evolved through education, peer support and a huge amount of self reflection and personal growth. I find myself now in the incredible position of being with families as they navigate their own journeys.

As your doula I'm here to listen, provide evidence based support and signpost. I am not a medical professional, my role is to provide continuity of care when supporting you and your family practically and emotionally. Each pregnancy is a unique experience. It really is a different adventure each and every time and I'm passionate about listening and understanding people's needs. My role is to open conversation and support your informed decisions. I can equip you with hypnobirthing tools if that's your bag, advocate with you, set up the birth space to create a oxytocin bubble... the list is endless. The power to birth your way, with conviction, is within you and we can get you prepped and informed for all the eventualities you wish to cover.  


I work closely with colleagues within the doula community and invest in continued professional development. Please get in touch to set up an initial consultation. We can have a chat, see if we 'click' and take it from there! 

CPD includes (to date)

Birth and Postnatal Doula - Developing Doulas

Hypnobirthing - Sarah Drawwater Birth Prep in a Box

Supporting families through pregnancy loss and the death of a baby - Sands

'What is the infant microbiome?' - Microbiome Courses

Breastfeeding Peer Supporter - The Breastfeeding Network (training in progress)


Have any questions? Fancy a chat?

Fill in the form or give me a call. We can arrange a meeting and I can't wait to meet you!


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